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Football Hooligans International

posted on: 13:02, February 5th , 2008

Football hooliganism (sometimes described as the English Disease) is hooliganism by football club supporters.[1] Fights between supporters of rival teams sometimes take place immediately before or after football matches; often at pre-arranged locations away from stadiums, in order to avoid police.

A football firm (also known as a hooligan firm or simply a firm) is a gang formed with the intent to engage in fights with members of firms from other clubs. Some firms, especially in southern and eastern Europe, have been linked with far right political groups, but other firms have been associated with leftist or anti-racist views. The firms' political views are not necessarily representative of all supporters of the teams.

Football hooliganism has been featured in films such as I.D., The Firm and Green Street, (the latter featuring fictional firms based on West Ham's' Inter City Firm (ICF) and Millwall's Bushwackers). There are also many books about hooliganism, such as The Football Factory (also a film) and Among the Thugs. Some contend that such media representations glamorise violence and the hooligan lifestyle. More recently, the book Perry Boys, by English author Ian Hough, has explored the phenomenon from a fashion, sociological, and even anthropological perspective. Hough was involved in the emergent casual culture that transformed the complexion of British football hooliganism in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and his work presents a new angle and a challenge to those who claim hooligans, and ex-hooligans, are without education and style.

Watch as Danny Dyer (acting as a Chelsea hooligan in the "Football Factory" movie and a West Ham fan in real life) :) travels around the world discovering what football hooligans are all about. Now airing on The Discovery Channel



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