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Changing the Default Character Set in POP3 E-Mail Clients

posted on: 13:09, December 21st , 2007

<h2>Changing the Default Character Set in POP3 E-Mail Clients for Writing E-Mail Messages in Cyrillic </h2>
To minimize the possibility that someone cannot read your messages
in Cyrillic, you can change the default character set for
English-language POP3 e-mail programs, which is usually ISO-8859-1, to
Unicode (UTF-8), which accommodates most if not all of the world's
languages. Detailed instructions are available for Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0.
You can also elect to to change the default encoding to one of the East
European character sets (CP-1251 Windows for example), depending on your
personal correspondence pattern. But Unicode is the most flexible and
compatible choice.
<h2>Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0 </h2>
<li>Open the <strong>Tools/Options</strong> submenu. Then click on the <strong>Display</strong> button.<br>
<img src="/character_files/thunderbird_options.jpg" height="451" width="491"><br>
<li>Then click on the <strong>Fonts</strong> button under <strong>Fonts &amp; Encodings</strong>. The <strong>Fonts &amp; Encodings</strong> window opens.<br>
<img src="/character_files/thunderbird_fonts.jpg" height="449" width="489"> <br>
<li>On the line <strong>Outgoing Mail: </strong>in the section for <strong>Character Encodings</strong>, click on the button <strong>Western (ISO-8859-1)</strong> to bring up a popup list of encodings.<br>
<img src="/character_files/thunderbird_unicode.jpg" height="450" width="437"><br>
Move the cursor to <strong>Unicode (UTF-8)</strong> to highlight and select it. Repeat the same procedure for Incoming Mail: <strong>Western (ISO-8851)</strong> to change the default encoding to <strong>Unicode (UTF-8)</strong>. Then click <strong>OK</strong>. Click <strong>OK</strong> again to exit the <strong>Options</strong> menu. <br>
Your outgoing messages will now automatically be sent in Unicode. You can even mix languages in your messages. </li>


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