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Make a wireless bridge repeater with dd-wrt and D-LINK DIR-615 (d3) router

posted on: 16:30, January 24th , 2013

Here's the problem:
I have a 4G WiMax dongle which is basically a wireless hotspot on which you can connect via WiFi and thus use the 4G connectivity.
This dongle is very small and has WiFi coverage of around 2-3 meters. Not very mobile thing. Also I wanted to hook up my desktop PC onto the 4G with cable. The 4G dongle does not have any ethernet ports though.

So the solution was to extended the WiFi coverage of the 4G dongle via normal WiFi router with dd-wrt and setup a bridge repeater.

1.Hook on your dongle web interface (mine was on and copy your settings: SSID, security, channel)
2.I have a D-Link DIR 615 router flashed with latest firmware from here ftp://ftp.dd-wrt.com/others/eko/BrainSlayer-V24-preSP2/ (flash it on your own risk)
3.In DD-WRT do this:

Go to the wireless tab.

Choose Repeater Bridge under wireless mode.
Match your SSID and channel settings exactly to the hub you will be connecting to and click save. Make sure bridged is selected.

Go to the Wireless Security tab and match these to your main router exactly and click save.

Now go to setup>basic setup. Choose a local IP in the same subnet that is not being used as your main router. If your main router is then as long as it is not in use will work. Assuming your ip is in this range the subnet will be and the gateway and local dns will be Also disable dhcp and WAN connection.

Now save and apply settings.
Go to administration and REBOOT ROUTER!

That's it, your router should connect to the hub/dongle and extend immediately your connection. If the hub has dhcp, you will be provided with ip from the dongle itself! Also the Switch/Ethernet ports are active and should have connection too.


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Lintott said on 22:25, May 6th , 2014

Thanks!!! Worked for me. Simple explanation for something that worked. Cheers

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